When traveling abroad, the best way to experience the ‘real’ and local culture is by participating in a homestay programme. Generally, homestay refers to a tourist staying with a host family throughout the whole trip or perhaps, part of the trip. Homestay allows travelers to experience life by staying with a local family on a day to day basis in the host country. In a multiracial, multi-ethnic and multicultural country such as Malaysia, the best way to get to know the country is by participating and experiencing homestay in a traditional village. The friendly and warm traditional communities will ensure all travelers have a wonderful time in the country.

Homestay is a perfect holiday idea for those who seek to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Discover a different pace in the traditional village where you’ll experience a quiet and tranquil rustic life. One can easily mingle around with local folks and establish a close relationship with the welcoming families. So be prepared to have lots of fun with your host family! When you have decided to experience ‘real’ culture in homestay, expect to experience the vibrant and full spectrum of village life. You’ll get a taste of local delights and try hands-on home-cooking lessons. Tourists are welcomed to learn how to prepare the delicacies, harvest the fruits, spend a day at paddy field and also pluck coconuts using traditional method with a bamboo pole.

In addition to that, to complete your trip in the traditional kampung, children will spend time with you after returning from school to teach you how to play traditional games such as kite flying, congkak and top-spinning. For more adventurous travelers, explore the surrounding areas and enjoy a beautiful sunset view. After satisfying your taste bud with exotic and unique Malaysian delights, local folks will keep you entertain with cultural performances and sometimes, if you’re lucky, the villagers will perform a mock-wedding just for you. Live and eat with your host family throughout the trip in Malaysia.

You’ll definitely want to come back to the country and experience another round of Malay traditions in the villages. No worries for city folks who have yet to experience the charm of traditional life because the villages nationwide offer basic amenities such as electricity and water. Besides that, you can easily travel to other cities by taking public transportation. Homestay in Malaysia offers a cultural experience like no other.

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