Posted April 12, 2014 by lauren scott in Malaysia



The state of Sarawak is one of the most culturally rich and naturally beautiful states in Malaysia. This is where one is able to visit the likes of Niah and Mulu caves as well as a wide range of islands and resorts. Apart from that Sarawak also offers many traditional communities where one is able to enjoy the culture within the different societies here. In the major cities and towns like Kuching, Miri and Sibu, there are many hotels and resorts available while there are also homestay options which are more economical and affordable.

Apart from the common residential homes in the neighbourhoods, one can also choose to stay at the longhouses by the many indigenous groups around the state. Most of the homestay options here provide lodging and most basic facilities while those that offer meals like lunch and dinner are the more popular choices as they allow the visitor to try the local, traditional dishes.

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