Posted April 12, 2014 by lauren scott in Johor

Kota Tinggi


Kota Tinggi offers a wide range of homestay choices for the budget traveler who is looking for a unique experience and an unforgettable stay. Here you are able to live among the locals and participate in the daily activities to learn more about the culture and society. At De’ Qaseh Desaru Homestay, the single storey, 3 room house starts from RM180 per day.

It is located very near to Desaru beach and is equipped with air-conditioning, water heater, ironing equipments and kitchen. The Damai Desaru Homestay is another common choice here that offers 3 rooms in the unit. It is nearby to the beach side and starts from RM180 per day. At Homestay Mardiah Inap in Bandar Penawar, you can stay at the double storey, 4 room home that starts from RM250 per day on weekends and RM200 per day on weekdays. Television, refrigerator and kitchen facilities are included in the unit.

lauren scott