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Johor Bahru


The city of Johor Bahru which is known in short as JB is the state capital of southernmost state Johor. Here is where you are accorded with the main commercial centre for the state that connects Malaysia with southern neighbour Singapore. JB is easily accessible through the major expressways where you can visit many other places around here like Batu Pahat, Segamat and Muar.

JB is known to be one of the busiest cities in Malaysia as it houses the only immigration checkpoint that connects to Singapore. Hence, it is common to see a lot of Singaporeans coming to Malaysia through JB and vice versa. Generally, it is the transport hub for anyone who would like to visit Singapore through Malaysia. It is more known for its industrial sectors where JB is home to some of the top electronics manufacturers while it is also within range of Iskandar Malaysia, one of the most rapidly growing economic regions of the country.

The city is connected by air through the Senai International Airport and there are many upscale hotels located within the heart of JB while towards the outskirts, you can find and enjoy a host of budget accommodations which are catered to tourists who are looking to take day trips to Singapore and staying for the night here.

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