Posted April 12, 2014 by lauren scott in Kelantan

Gua Musang


Gua Musang provides a unique experience for the traveler to Kelantan. This is because of its scenic landscape and peaceful environment which is rich with nature. There are several choices of accommodation when visiting Gua Musang. Among the homestays here include the Shaza Homestay which is located in Taman Kesedar Jaya which is a Semi-detached house. Rental starts from RM150 per night and it is known for its strategic location and has 3 rooms for rental. The GM Homestay is another option which is a single storey, 3 room house.

Facilities here include a refrigerator, Astro television, washing machine, kitchen and cooking facilities, air-conditioning and others. It is also very near to the Gua Musang town center as well. The Kampung Blok Ulu Kusial Homestay offers a Malay village setting where you can experience the local lifestyle and community living. Here is where you are welcomed to walk around the nature’s trail or join in the daily activities of the locals.

lauren scott